Grave Lessons shares the lessons learnt from unexpected deaths that have been investigated by a Coroner. The aim is to learn from these deaths with the goal of preventing their re-occurrence.

You will notice that most patients are referred to by their name on this blog. This is a deliberate attempt to avoid the use of the depersonalised title of ‘patient’ and aims to remind us that the central figure in each case is a real person, just like us.

You will also notice that key figures in each article are referred to by their title wherever possible, rather than their name. It is recognised that key figures have already endured enough hardship through their involvement and this blog does not want to increase this.

Thanks first and foremost must go to the families of the deceased. It is their cooperation with the Coroner during their time of grief that has enabled these lessons to be learnt and shared. Thanks also goes to the respective Coroner’s Courts from which the content is sourced.

Every attempt has been made to ensure information is portrayed accurately and respectfully. Please contact us if you disagree.

If you would like to contact us please send an email to GraveLessons@gmail.com.

Any views expressed on this site are the views of the author and not the view of any organization or profession that the author is affiliated with.

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