Buckle Up

We are coming to a grinding halt

By Elia Petzierides

With their 1970 song Roadhouse Blues, The Doors instructed you to “Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel”. Forty-five years later and this is still salient advice. Driving is one of those tasks we perform so regularly that we can easily forget the importance of seemingly minor details, like keeping your eyes on the road. This Grave Lesson provides us all with a tragic reminder of grand proportions. Continue reading


“The preventable death of three year old Ruby Chen”

By Elia Petzierides

The recent media coverage of the Queensland Coroner’s Inquest into the death of three year old Ruby Chen has left me perplexed. As a Registered Nurse working in paediatric critical care and a paramedic with over ten years experience this case unsettles me – how could something as simple and common as administering a bag of fluid go so catastrophically wrong? And as the parent of a three year old this case frightens me to the bone – how can a child with a seemingly minor and common illness be pronounced deceased shortly after a routine aeromedical transfer? Continue reading


Ruby Chen died at the age of three during an aero-medical inter-hospital transfer. After her death it was discovered that she was inadvertently administered Continue reading