Ultra Skinny Jeans

By Elia Petzierides

Calling all hipsters, fashionistas and wearers of ultra skinny jeans: this is a serious health warning.

Hipsters like to consider themselves to be leaders of the latest cultural trends. But when a 35-year-old woman presented to the Royal Adelaide Hospital with an inability to walk, swelling and weakness to both legs she became the first person documented in medical literature to display nerve dysfunction as a result of wearing tight jeans. So what happened to this hipster pioneer whose fashion breached the human body’s physiological limits and what can be done to prevent other hipsters from suffering the same ignominy?

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From Little Things

By Elia Petzierides

When an 8-month-old female presented with signs of bowel obstruction after ingesting what was thought to be a small piece of candy she was eventually taken to the operating theatre for surgery. The cause of the obstruction highlighted a public health concern and a warning for parents and health practitioners alike.  Continue reading