Mind the Gap

By Elia Petzierides 

While Australia celebrated Harmony Day on March 21, 2015, another day recently past almost unnoticed. It represents an inequity within Australia that is poorly understood and seldom discussed. Continue reading

Tipping Point

By Elia Petzierides
Do you check on your sleeping children before you go to bed? James and his wife did. What they found changed their lives forever. Continue reading

Blue in the face

By Elia Petzierides 

How many coroners does it take to change a lightbulb? One to change the lightbulb and another to pronounce the old lightbulb dead from natural causes. Unfortunately it seems it also takes more than one coroner to change a systemic issue with the monitoring of medication prescriptions within Victoria, Australia.  

Continue reading


By Elia Petzierides

It is a well-established and widely-known fact that when it comes to driving, speed kills. But does that make low-speed harmless? To answer this question, let’s get behind the steering wheel and go on three, short, low-speed journeys. These journeys all occurred within the state of Victoria, Australia during 2011. Continue reading